Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding: Prince William & Kate Middleton

Who watched the Royal Wedding today? I hope no one missed it. 




Kate Middleton's
Alexander McQueen's wedding dress was awesomely gorgeous and simple. Loved it! ;)
There were lotsa interesting and fascinating hats too. I bet everyone noticed it. 

& did you know that there was a Malaysian flag waved among to crowd? :O Like omg much. Haha!

I didn't manage to watch all though.

Anyway, congratulations to the royal newlyweds! May they live happily ever after!


Xin@EXTRA LARGE said...

sooo prettyyy love tat gownn till maxx

ツ lyииιє-т ღ said...

@Xin; I know right! I love it too! :D

Kathleen_YinLing said...

I love her wedding gown too :)

ツ lyииιє-т ღ said...

@Kathleen; Simple yet gorgeous right? :D hehe

pinky_liscious said...

sweet couple...hee

e v o n n e said...

I love the beckham couple's outfit more lol

ツ lyииιє-т ღ said...

@pinky_liscious; Haha yeap, indeed :)

@Evonne; I like david beckham's :p

John said...

i watched almost the whole wedding and i dont even know why i watched it. nth interesting.

ツ lyииιє-т ღ said...

@John; Maybe it's not yr kinda thing. Haha

jamiey writes said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, I didn't watch the wedding. Just catching up with some pix online :D