Thursday, 29 March 2012

I'm moving! :)

Here's my new website. Do remember to follow me there! :)

LINK here.

KISS & tell

Greetings fellow loyal reader. 

Sorry for being MIA for almost a year! I haven't been blogging for such a long time because I got lazy, and I eventually lost interest during that period of time.

Sorry to keep you guys waiting for my posts (if there were any)

However, I've decided to make a comeback soon with interesting (I hope) updates for all of you in a new blog website (still working on it). I'll keep you guys posted.

Stay tuned.


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Secret Allure, nail polish haven!

Nail polish has always been my essential since I left high school. I never go anywhere without it, my fingers and toe nails have never been bare. In fact, I use more nail polish than make ups! :O 

So when I came across this website called Secret Allure, I was so excited! What's more, it's not your everyday common nail polish like those you get in drugstores and beauty shops. This website sells a whole lot range from different types of awesome brands such as O.P.I, China Glaze, Color Club, Essie, Nubar, Orly, Zoya and much more! 

Secret Allure now has an ongoing contest! You can win a Nicole by OPI Step 2 the Beat of My Heart and enjoy more more more discounts! ;)

Isn't it awesome? Then why wait? Join the contest now. 
All you have to do is fulfill these terms!

Terms (1 point each) : 1. Like Secret Allure Nails on Facebook 2. Add SecretAllure Nails as a friend on Facebook 3. Follow them on twitter!/SecretAlluree 4. Share about this giveaway on Facebook (giveaway picture or giveaway blog link) (Tag us so that we know!) Bonus points (2 points each): 1. Put the giveaway picture as your profile pic on Facebook and tag 20 female friends 2. Blog about this giveaway with the link to their website. 3. Retweet this giveaway "Enter Secret Allure's Nicole by OPI Giveaway! Winner gets a Nicole by OPI nail polish and 15% discount promo code!!" 4. Put Secret Allure's Giveaway Banner at your blog's sidebar. (Pick one of the banner) 5. Be a follower of their website. *Open for Malaysians only. *Giveaway ends on 15th September. *All conditions must be met until the end of giveaway to earn points.

For more information, click here

Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding: Prince William & Kate Middleton

Who watched the Royal Wedding today? I hope no one missed it. 




Kate Middleton's
Alexander McQueen's wedding dress was awesomely gorgeous and simple. Loved it! ;)
There were lotsa interesting and fascinating hats too. I bet everyone noticed it. 

& did you know that there was a Malaysian flag waved among to crowd? :O Like omg much. Haha!

I didn't manage to watch all though.

Anyway, congratulations to the royal newlyweds! May they live happily ever after!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Hard Rock, KL & iHeart cotton.candy :)

Herrooooo all!! :) I'm back after being MIA for like nearly a month. Sorry! 

& now for something more interesting first than just updating you guys about what I did so far.

iHeart cotton.candy is having MID APRIL SALES!! Exciting much? ;)

Here's what we have to offer you in iHeart cotton.candy:
More than 20% discount on selected items!
Mystery gifts for those who spend RM50 and above! (Limited to 4 only though)
ADDITIONAL 10% off your total bill when you spen RM100 and above.

Good deal right? Well, here's the thing. I'm gonna throw in some additional discounts and benefits here exclusively for my readers!

1. If you are KISS & Tell AND iHeart cotton.candy reader, you get additional 15% off on top of all those offered in iHeart cotton.candy during this sale period! If you follow only 1, you get only additional 10%!
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If you follow only KISS & Tell, you will get additional 10% discount.
If you follow only iHeart cotton.candy, you will get additional 10% discount.
If you follow KISS & Tell AND iHeart cotton.candy, you will get additional 15% discount.
The more the better, right? ;)

2. Refer iHeart cotton.candy to your friends during this sale period. Every 5 friends that follows iHeart cotton.candy on Twitter & Facebook will entitle you to RM2 off your total bill. Each friend of yours must follow both pages to be counted.
5 Friends = RM2 off
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3. Blog about iHeart cotton.candy and get additional 5% off your total bill! 
All you have to do is blog something interesting about us to promote our sale and our online blog boutique! Give us the link and instantly get 5% off your total bill! Simple right? ;)

It may seem very little but after accumulating all the discounts given, it's a very great deal you won't get anywhere! 

So hurry up, come place your orders now. Limited period only!

Email us @ :) Or leave a comment below this post for more information about this!


Early this month, I joined my college friends and the boyf in Hard Rock to celebrate 3 of our friends' birthday. All of them turned 22! The food there is super good but kinda costly though. 

Btw, did you all realise that those bands who sing in hotels are terrible? Well, Hard Rock's was exceptionally good! :O


A week after that, my family and I went to KL for my cousin's wedding @ The New Covenant Church (tNCC) and a bit of shopping here and there. Fun stuff, wished I could stay on longer for the malls. Teehee :D