Monday, 18 April 2011

Hard Rock, KL & iHeart cotton.candy :)

Herrooooo all!! :) I'm back after being MIA for like nearly a month. Sorry! 

& now for something more interesting first than just updating you guys about what I did so far.

iHeart cotton.candy is having MID APRIL SALES!! Exciting much? ;)

Here's what we have to offer you in iHeart cotton.candy:
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If you follow only iHeart cotton.candy, you will get additional 10% discount.
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Early this month, I joined my college friends and the boyf in Hard Rock to celebrate 3 of our friends' birthday. All of them turned 22! The food there is super good but kinda costly though. 

Btw, did you all realise that those bands who sing in hotels are terrible? Well, Hard Rock's was exceptionally good! :O


A week after that, my family and I went to KL for my cousin's wedding @ The New Covenant Church (tNCC) and a bit of shopping here and there. Fun stuff, wished I could stay on longer for the malls. Teehee :D



Lynnie said...

♥ Hard Rock's food!
But I do agree that it's kinda costly....

ツ lyииιє-т ღ said...

@Lynnie; Hello there! You have the same nickname as me LOL! Umm, yea exactly. So costly that we can't go there often :( Well, that's the price we havto pay if we want good food. Haha!

Catherine Faith said...

AWWW! After MIA for so long! Miss reading your blog girl!=P

I see lots of fun in this post! Glad you had fun darling! You make me missed Penang more with the Sunset!>.<


ツ lyииιє-т ღ said...

@Catherine Aww sorry! I wasn't in the mood to blog. No inspiration LOL! Come back fast! We still need to hang out!! :) :) I miss you too <3

Brocade Blue said...

is that a mixed marriage couple i see? hurrah!!

ツ lyииιє-т ღ said...

@Brocade Blue; Yes, it sure is ;) Haha!

jamiey writes said...

you went missing, but you sure did return with a FULLfilling post :)

glad to hear your updates...

ツ lyииιє-т ღ said...

@jamiey writes; Thank you! I'll try not to MIA too long next time :D